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Idealyst Introduction
We are the right sized company

Idealyst was established with the primary goal of providing Social Media services at an “enterprise-scale” (or large scale Social Media). We are highly specialized in Social Media implementations for larger companies as well as smaller organizations.

Our roots as a technology company with large scale system implementation experience allows us to architect and implement complex technology integrations. We also have deep experience collaborating with corporate IT teams and other partners in the client eco-system.

We believe in setting up scalable Social Media Architectures that encompass People, Processes, and Technology from concept to implementation to support. We have strong experience of setting up social media, social customer care, analytic and reporting, benchmarking, and content management/approval for global companies.

Our global managed services teams are deeply integrated with our client operations using a highly trained and experienced team in Salesforce and related Social Media products. We have a highly experienced analytics and reporting practice that works effectively with internal client teams as well as other partners.

We have implemented Salesforce Social Media Command Centers globally and are uniquely capable of supporting Command Center rollouts including defining functions, standard procedures, modes of operation, technology, display setup and advice on room design.

Our consultants help automate sales and marketing efforts via Salesforce offerings that are intended to generate, manage, nurture and close leads, simultaneously simplifying complex business processes and increasing productivity.

Idealyst is the Digital Services Pillar of ATCS (Advanced Technology Consulting Service).

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