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Social Media for Analytics Teams

As more enterprises face disruption and innovation from “big data” initiatives, accounting for social media data can often be overlooked due to its spontaneous nature. Businesses face increasing pressure to organize, manage and yield actionable insights from data. Social media may simply appear to be the “wild card” that no one can confidently tackle. We work with analytics teams in the following capacities:

Social media analytics goal-setting

We advise and guide your analytics teams in setting clear and actionable goals driven with your organization’s social media data and community, driven by relevant social media metrics.

Intensive analytics training

We train your analysts and analytics teams in utilizing Social Studio to its utmost potential. These training sessions can be delivered live or online; for lengthier engagements, we can roll out ongoing education, integrated with your in-house training programs.

Social media analytics capabilities building

We can work with your analytics professionals to develop social listening, monitoring and reporting capabilities to your in-house analytics functions. Building these capabilities would occur in an efficiently managed project and handed over with appropriate documentation.

Ongoing management and support

Post-launch management includes regular site visits to make sure your Command Centers are functioning at their technical best. Idealyst will also support you in governance and operational aspects so that your Command Centers keep delivering for your brand.

Major brands and businesses increasingly adopt Command Centers as a crucial component of their brand, reputation and crises management functions. It’s time your business took serious consideration of Social Media Command Centers and integrate them into your brand, communications and marketing strategies.

We tie all our analytics efforts to both urgent and important outcomes, making sure our reports are of both short and long-term value for your organization. For example, social listening data can potentially pivot existing content marketing strategies. However, competitor benchmarking analysis can inform your strategies to maintain competitive advantage on a regular basis. Idealyst provides other focused social data studies and insights that can aid in a myriad of business decisions.

Analyzing social media data is our constant professional pleasure! We gain tremendous satisfaction in yielding valuable insights from a combination of proven research methods and our proprietary methodologies. From our experience with a diverse range of clients, we’ve delivered on reporting needs that range from detailed analyses to content geared towards presentation to senior leadership.


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