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Social Media for Marketing and Communications Teams

Where social media was traditionally perceived as the domain of ‘communications’ or ‘customer service’ divisions of large businesses, today social media is an all-inclusive arena for integrated sales and marketing, product, innovation and leadership efforts. Your customers expect, if not outright demand, your participation on social channels where they opine on your brand, products and services!

The value of Social Media to marketers and communications teams is well-recognized, if not always well-articulated. Indeed, demonstrating the value of social media and communicating its benefits to other departments in the organization and to the senior leaders poses a continual challenge for marketers. Idealyst can help your marketing and communication teams to yield customer, market and competitor insights. Let us help you translate these insights into meaningful recommendations to aid strategic business decisions. Key services to aid marketing and communication teams include:

Training And Workshops

Our training and workshop sessions are dedicated to helping you make the most of your initial Social Studio set-up and ongoing management. These sessions can be delivered live or online, group-based and practically oriented.

Strategy And Orientation Sessions

We conduct educational summits, roundtable discussions and formal corporate briefing sessions to assist in your social media strategy. These sessions align the “hands-on” use of social media management systems to the goals, wants, needs and desires of your brand, business and principal stakeholders.

Reporting Services

We can help your marketing and communications teams prepare and present reports geared towards stakeholders who require actionable data without actively participating in your business’ social media management.


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