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Enterprise Grade Social Media Management (EGSMM) systems are a suite of tools that help businesses align their social media strategies to their corporate goals and objectives. By utilizing EGSMM systems, individuals and teams can execute social media activities with specific, measurable and timely intent. Beyond broadcast-oriented communications and reactionary customer service problem-solving, businesses can now integrate EGSMM systems and strategies to proactively engage with customers, partners, advocates and adversaries, on social media. 

Idealyst employs Salesforce Social Studio as the platform of choice to establish EGSMM systems and functions in your enterprise with a laser focus on your corporate goals and objectives. We move beyond sales, marketing and customer service alignment to consult on core EGSMM operations, enterprise-wide governance, and commit to intelligent support towards its successful realization in your organization.

We deliver EGSMM systems prioritized by a ‘people, process and technology’ philosophy. Our approach is goal-driven, robust and proven to be sustainable for enterprises at cross-territorial, national and international scales of operation. We can liaise with multiple stakeholders across your organization, and deploy EGSMM systems as an efficiently managed project with minimal disruption to existing operations.

By partnering with Idealyst, your organization receives the following benefits in successfully realizing EGSMM systems with Social Studio:


We ensure your staff can confidently use Social Studio to its utmost potential. We work with individuals and teams to establish productive workflows, map out processes, and provide ongoing coaching and support for their optimal performance.


We can scale Social Studio across your respective brands, subsidiary businesses, local, national and international markets, or by specific divisions and departments. Whether a small or large-scale increase in access and use of Social Studio, we don’t underestimate their importance and necessity.


Idealyst can phase in additional features and functions of Social Studio, as and when required. We help your organization manage any potential increase in complexity when using Social Studio with dedicated training sessions for all users.


Achieve complete accountability in operation, reporting and governance of Social Studio in your organization upon our consultation and guidance. Idealyst will make sure Social Studio matters not just for your users, but for your entire business.