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Integrations: Social Sales and Customer Support

Integrate your social media strategies and your social data to associated business tools and platforms; mitigate against the “silo” function of social media within your enterprise. Integrations are an important component of fully social-enabled business today. Learn more about our core integrations from Social Studio to other relevant business platforms.

Social Studio to Salesforce Sales Cloud

Capture potential leads or customers across social media channels to create actionable sales opportunities. These opportunities may be based on posts to your own social media accounts or based on conversations relating to your brand, products, services or organization.

Social Studio to Salesforce Service Cloud

Integrate your social media channels with structured case management processes, as managed within Salesforce Service Cloud. Your service agents can respond to social-related cases and assign these cases to their existing case history.

These integrations can be manually driven or automated to achieve scale benefits to your sales and service functions respectively. By integrating your enterprise’s social data to other Salesforce platforms, the business value of social media is proven further, and depended upon. Idealyst also offers integrations to other platforms.

Social Studio to Salesforce Ad Studio

Let Social Studio enrich your paid advertising strategies upon integrating to Salesforce Ad Studio. Topic Profiles created in Social Studio can be directly imported to Ad Studio, creating opportunities to further segment and target your Ad Creatives and develop consistency with your social media engagement.

WeChat integration to Salesforce Service Cloud

We implement custom integrations with social media platforms such as WeChat. Live agents can interact with new prospects or returning customers directly, allowing them to create new, or update existing, case histories in Service Cloud to deliver a seamless and efficient service experience.