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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers an integrated suite of precision tools that allow your organization to personably understand and engage with customers, by putting them at the heart of outstanding digital marketing experiences. Idealyst will work with your marketing and content strategies to deploy the Marketing Cloud, or augment your current Marketing Cloud functions with value-added services.

Email Marketing with Email Studio

Idealyst will deploy Marketing Cloud’s Email Studio platform to send personalized, timely and relevant messages to complement existing social media listening, engagement and community management efforts. Well-designed emails can be optimized for performance with A/B split, subject line, and device testing.

Mobile Messaging with Mobile Studio

Mobile Studio can be utilized to deploy location-specific SMS and MMS messages based on specific preferences of fan bases for relevant brands of the pilot project. Mobile messages can be complemented with targeted social campaigns, and in conjunction with other Marketing Cloud campaigns.

Automation Services with Journey Builder

Automation offers tremendous potential for your organization’s brand, marketing, corporate communications and consumer care teams to collaborate and achieve highly personalized experiences. Idealyst can work dynamically across your organization’s end user teams to create effective automation strategies.

Data Management Services with Data Studio and Data Management Platform

Idealyst brings extensive experience in data management to utilize both Data Studio and Data Management Platform (DMP) for precision marketing campaigns. Idealyst offers analytics services to assist your organization’s end-user teams to yield actionable insights and optimize brand strategy.