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Social Media Command Centers are an audio-visual embodiment of your enterprise’s social media program, and strategically located on your premises for high visibility. Showcase your enterprise’s social media prowess with a centralized view of live, relevant conversations across your social network profiles and accounts. These conversations are displayed on high-definition (HD) screens, and in similarity to financial “stock tickers” as seen in banks, and more commonly on television news channels.

Social Media Command Centers serve a highly relevant purpose in brand, market, customer monitoring and tracking wider social media trends as directly relevant to your enterprise. Idealyst deploys Social Media Command Centers bespoke to the needs of your brand, indeed no two Command Centers are the same! Our end-to-end Command Center delivery includes:

Site selection and design

We help you select a site on-premises with high visibility and foot traffic to maximize the presence and impact of your Command Center. Site design incorporates designing of physical Command Center spaces, including workstations and teams.

Hardware and software consultation

Hardware includes the selection of interconnected HD screens, their mounting, positioning and calibration for optimal display of social feeds. We also lead on the technical setup of Social Studio accounts, workspaces and associated feeds into your screen set-up.

Command Center launch day

Make the launch of your Command Center an exciting, high-profile event within your business! Idealyst will undertake thorough technical audits and “soft launch” sessions prior to the big day to ensure all set-up and installation criteria are fulfilled. You are assured in focusing on promoting the activation of your brand-new Command Center.

Ongoing management and support

Post-launch management includes regular site visits to make sure your Command Centers are functioning at their technical best. Idealyst will also support you in governance and operational aspects so that your Command Centers keep delivering for your brand.

Major brands and businesses increasingly adopt Command Centers as a crucial component of their brand, reputation and crises management functions. It’s time your business took serious consideration of Social Media Command Centers and integrate them into your brand, communications and marketing strategies.